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Sound Control Pty Ltd is a leading supplier within the acoustics industry. With over 30 years experience, the associated industries serviced by Sound Control Pty Ltd include: Power Generation, Water, Transport and Tourism, Mining and Mineral Processing, Oil and Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Government and Education, and Food and Beverage Sector.

Power Generation

Power GenerationAll Power Plants, whether it a Gas Turbine, Diesel, CSM, Landfill Gas, Coal Fired or Hydro Powered comprise of a number of components that have a potential of generating high noise levels. Items such as compressors, pumps, blowers, fans, turbines all contribute to the overall audible noise levels. Sound Controls vast experience in Noise Control for this Industry Sector includes the supply of:

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencers and Stacks
  • Inlet Duct Silencers
  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Acoustic/Thermal Lining
  • Fan Silencers
  • Mufflers
  • Inertia Pre-filter air Intake System
  • Acoustic Ventilation Components
  • Acoustically Rated Exhaust Fabric Flexible Joints

Water filterWater Treatment Plants, Pump Stations and Desalination Plants comprise inherently of various noise emitting equipment. The primary noise source in the water sector is the pump; each site usually comprises of a number of these pumps. Another common noise source is the water in the pipe work. Sound Controls supply of noise control equipment in this Industry sector includes:

  •  Acoustic Enclosures

  • Acoustic Pipe Lagging

  • Acoustic Doors

  • Acoustic Wall Linings

  • Acoustic Ventilation Components

Transport and Tourism

Boat on waterAll modes of transport have an element of noise associated with it. Whether its track noise entering a passenger carriage, noise from the engine of a Heavy Haul Truck entering the operators cabin, or noise onboard a seafaring tourist vessel, Sound Control is sure to have a solution for any noise related challenge.

  • Locomotive Mufflers
  • Acoustic Materials
  • Wall/Cab Linings
  • Acoustic/Thermal Lagging
  • Damping Treatments
  • Elastomeric Isolation Mounting System
Mining and Minerals Processing

Mineral processing plantMining and Minerals Processing have collection of high noise level generating sources such as Feed Water Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Blowers, Air/Steam Vents, Valves, Conveyors and Motor. Sound Control has supplied a range of solutions in these industry comprising of:

  • Steam Vent Silencers
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Fan Silencers
  • Acoustic Wall Linings
  • Attenuators
  • Acoustic Cowls
  • Damping of Vibrating Surfaces
  • Elastomeric Mounts
Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas plantWith an increase in the Gas (CSM & LNG type) projects, Sound Control has taken initiative to cater for the acoustic requirements for this sector. Sound Control has provided noise control solutions ranging from treating the Drill Rig equipment to the process lines, and include:

  • Acoustic Lining on Drill Rigs
  • Acoustic Ventilation Components
  • Conceptual Design of Acoustic “Sheds”
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Inline Silencers
  • Vent Silencers
  • Thermal Lagging of High Temperature Components

Sonata Straight-through Silencers have an unobstructed passage through the silencer with no reversal of flow. These are commonly used in applications where low to medium acoustic performance is required. Sonata Chamber-type Silencers provide the better noise control across the entire audible range. The basic design incorporates non-resonant tube arrangements to permit passage of the exhaust gases from one chamber to another. Areas of uses include: agricultural, earthmoving equipment, power generation sector.



Sound Control has worked on numerous Construction projects, providing engineering noise control solutions, value adding extensive detail engineering design stages in a bid to offer a superior product that not only performs as intended acoustically, but is also easy to handle and install. Solutions provided for this industry sector can be related to either Environmental, Occupational or both. Noise Control solutions Sound Control has supplied to this industry include:

  • Acoustic Barriers/Screens
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Acoustic Louvres
  • Acoustic Integrity of Rooms & Offices
  • Audiometric Booths

Manufacturing processes in general have a number of high noise level emitting sources. As awareness of safe occupational noise level increases, the demand for a “quieter” work environment has increased proportionately. With stringent acoustic criteria’s to meet, Occupational Health and Safety Officers resort to professionals in the Acoustic Industry to provide engineered noise control solutions. Sound Control solutions in this industry include:

  • Ceiling Acoustic Baffles
  • Acoustic Wall Linings
  • Acoustic Booths
  • Fan Silencers
  • Acoustic Screens
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Acoustic Louvres
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Machine Isolation (Elastomeric Mounts)
Food and Beverage Sector

The Food and Beverage Sector is not often associated with noise, but consider Restaurants and Hotels, as well as the use of amplified music in large open spaces; Acoustic solutions provided by Sound Control in this sector include:

  • Exhaust Fan Silencers
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Acoustic Wall Linings
  • Acoustic Shrouds
  • Damping Treatment
  • Elastomeric Isolation Mount
Government and Education

Sound Control has supplied solutions to the Government and Education sector comprising of:

  • Acoustic Doors
  • Acoustic Wall Lining (Fabric Covered)
  • Ceiling Acoustic Lining
  • Audiometric Suites for Hearing Testing
  • Cross Talk Attenuators
  • Acoustic Integrity of Offices and Meeting Rooms.