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Sonata Acoustic Materials

Sound Control have available a range of Sonata Acoustic Materials, which can be used in a multitude of installations and are designed to provide varied Acoustic Performance. All products are fully tested and approved for all Australian conditions, and to assist we can provide comprehensive product data on request.

Use of Soundproofing materials is when reduction of structure borne noise is required in Transport vehicles such as Locomotives, Luxury Marine Cruisers and Road Transport such as Buses, Ambulances, Truck Cabins, Off-raod and Earth-moving Equipment. Soft absorptive treatments are used to reduce undesirable extended reverberation times (echoes) within spaces such as that found in public areas, recording studios, auditoriums, teaching facilities, restuarants and shopping centres.

A vast array of noise problems can be solved with the correct choice of materials or custom made products designed to suit the environment intended. Sound Control’s extensive knowledge and experience will assist in design and consultation of the selected product as well as providing full costing analysis.

We use and distribute the range of “Soundguard” product, a leader in the Acoustic Materials Industry, manufacturing some of the most advanced materials available in the world today.

Product Identification:

  • Sound Absorbing foams
  • Composite sandwich barrier/foam product
  • Dampening sheet and sound paint are all used in a diverse range of industries.