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Sound Control has vast experience in design and fabrication of large scale Tunnel Ventilation Attenuation projects. Transport tunnels are frequently located in urban areas with noise sensitive requirements.

Our designs provide suitable attenuation for both inlet and discharge portions of the tunnel ventilation project. Knowledge in design and manufacture has led Sound Control to the development of large splitter assemblies for installation into tunnel shafts and plenums.

Features of the Tunnel Splitter Assembly

  • ISO7235 – Silencer Test Facility
  • Full range of performance data available to suit varying project requirements.
  • Fully engineered design.
  • FEA, CFD, Seismic, Fatigue Life, Fire Analysis.
  • Various Splitter thicknesses for specific insertion loss and pressure drop performance.
  • Certified lifting points provided for all lifted elements.
  • Detailed installation instructions provided.
  • Modular designs to suit all installations:
  • Modules sized to enable efficient transport and installation.
  • Easy site manoeuvrability and handling.
  • Reduced labour costs to install modules into structural plenums.
  • Fully scalable design enabling suitability to all sizes of air paths.
  • Fabricated in stainless or coated steels to suit design life criteria. 

Completed Projects

  • Airport Link – Brisbane.
  • NSBT “Clem7” – Brisbane.
  • Perth Metro Rail Tunnel – Perth.
  • ECRL “Parramatta Rail Link” – Sydney.