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Acoustic Panels

Sound Control Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of different types of Sonata Acoustic paneling designed to suit applications within any project where sound absorption, aesthetics and practicality for function is needed. If the objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving speech clarity and sound quality, the answer is sound absorption.

These panels can be supplied pre-finished and custom sized to match any décor in fabric finishes, timber veneer or painted metallic finish. Utilizing materials manufactured by leaders in the Acoustic Textile and Fabric Industry, Sound Control is able to deliver a solution to any noise problem. All products used conform to AS1045-1998 “Measurement of absorption coefficients in a reverberation room” and can be issued with Material Data Sheets.

High ceilings and Large open spaces amplify sounds that bounce off hard reflective surfaces, creating echoes and increased noise levels. To reduce these effects, sound absorptive materials are essential and can be provided in various forms for the function intended. Typically metal coverings with absorptive infill’s are used in industrial situations such as plantrooms where soft fabric or architectural coverings are used in commercial applications.

Traditionally, metal faced acoustic lining systems comprise of an absorptive lining being secured to the intended surface and faced with a heavy duty perforated metal covering. Use of formed metal sheeting has allowed larger spans and coverage of areas to be achieved with reduced installation time. As with most metals, corrosion and surface protection finishes are paramount with stainless steels and powder coat finishes being an alternative to standard Galvabond finishes. Higher corrosive resistance materials such as “ZAM” or Stainless Steel, including a non-staining ferretic Stainless Steel, can be supplied upon request.

A new range of sound absorption materials for wall and ceiling linings is also available where utilization of Thermal-bonded Film is supplied in board format, providing exceptional sound absorption capacity and high durability in hot and humid conditions.

Application of vibration damping materials to structures and panels dissipates the vibrational energy.

Sound Control distributes the “Soundguard” product range and has used it extensively.

The primary effects of damping treatments are

  • Reduction of vibration amplitude at resonance.
  • A more rapid decay of free vibrations. This avoids the accumulation of energy due to a series of impacts.
  • Attenuation of structure-borne noise propagating along and through structures.

Examples of resonant vibration involving repeated impacts

  • Materials falling into and onto holding vessels or hoppers
  • Chutes and ductwork that are pneumatically conveying particles such as rock, stone or wood-chip.

They are provided as

  • sprayable compounds
  • flexible sheets
  • self adhesive
  • 2 pak paint on
  • heavy duty tiles

When discussing Mounts and Isolation Materials, it is useful to identify the three basic elements of the dynamic systems that will provide the best solution:

  1. The equipment (component, machine, motor, instrument, part etc)
  2. The support structure (floor, base-plate, supporting structure)
  3. The resilient member referred to as the isolator or mount (rubber pad or spring) which is interposed between the equipment and the support structure.

Structure borne noise is a major problem in all transport vehicles whether in the sea, land or sky and at Sound Control, we have a wide range of vibration damping treatments to reduce the noise path. Specialised isolation mounting systems are supplied to manufacturers of Locomotives and Luxury Marine craft, needing reductions to assist in shock and vibration control.

Sound Control distribute a range of Barry Control mounts and others sourced for very specific use.


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