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Sonata Vent Silencers are used to attenuate noise produced by the expansion of Gas & Steam from elevated pressures to atmospheric pressure.

Vent Silencers are an effective way of reducing high frequency noise produced at start up or when venting to atmosphere.  Sound Control has specific designs for either commissioning/steam blow or permanent operation projects.

Performance of Vent Silencers is achieved by a 2 stage noise reduction approach.

  • Stage 1 – provides sound reduction via the inlet diffuser. The diffuser is effective in attenuating frequencies of sound and distributing the flow evenly to the 2nd stage.
  • Stage 2 – sound reduction comprises of absorptive elements positioned within the silencer case thus absorbing acoustic energy out of the gas stream prior to exiting to atmosphere.

Design features of Vent and Blowdown silencers may include:

  • Inlet diffuser:
    • Design – AS1210.
    • Welding – AS3992, AS4041.
    • NDT – AS4037.
      • 100% NDT completed on all inlet diffusers manufactured by Sound Control.
  • Noise Attenuation upwards to 30 dB(A) depending on flow and temperature conditions.
  • Flanged Single or Multiple Inlets.
  • Multi-stage diffuser designs available.
  • Acoustically lined cases with absorptive elements.
  • Material selection dependent on conditions. Typical design includes:
    • Painted Carbon Steel Diffuser & Casing.
    • Austenitic Stainless Steel used for elements in the gas stream.

Completed Projects:

  • RTAY Sky Valve 2 – Gladstone, QLD.
  • BIEP Refinery – Brisbane, QLD.
  • QGC –
  • RCR – WA